Video: Indigenous Deaf woman signing in ASL. She is wearing a black sweater and braided long hair (long down to mid-torso) on right side of the head.  On the right upper corner is a Turtle Island Hand Talk logo (Medicine Wheel with 4 colors, yellow, red, black and white with two hands contact each other, both thumbs out).
Hello! Welcome to Turtle Island Hand Talk. I want to tell you that there have been some big changes since the last video I made. I am announcing some new things that are going on. 

The first thing is that we have updated the membership form, and you can fill it out and submit it right on our website. You may recall that we had mentioned offering a waiver of the membership fee. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer that right now, because membership fee payments and the donation fund will be needed to maintain our website. The website is critical to let people know about TIHT, and to welcome them to our group.

Secondly, we now have 10 active circles, but there are many more to be filled. Some of you who have joined as members—please go ahead and sign up for specific circles. If you are not familiar with what I’m talking about, go to our website and find the Circle of Interconnection.  Click on the “more” tab on top right corner of the screen, and you will find the Circle of Interconnection, with list of circles you can join.  As I said, right now, 10 circles are actively operating, such as: 1) K-12 circle with partnerships with schools and colleges to prepare for curriculum development for children and course work for colleges; 2) Elders; 3) wellness; 4) Children of Deaf Adults (CODA); 5) Interpreters; and others, have made their appearance around the Circle of Interconnection.

There are more circles besides the 10 operating circles. If you want to sign up for specific circles, let us know and we will prepare placement for you by assigning tasks. Our group is really growing! We founders truly appreciate your participation and we welcome more people to grow and thrive.

Is that exciting?

Turtle Story

                   Transcription for opening statement on signed narratives


The following information is for people who are unfamiliar with Indigenous (specifically the Native) cultures. So, I would like to share this with all of you. Many tribes possess their own unique Creation stories which differ significantly from other non-Native creation stories which are shared outside of our Native communities. While there are many tribal creation stories, we selected two variations of the Turtle Island creation story as told by the Ojibway/Ojibwa and Oneida Nations. The Turtle Island creation story and its variants are common in the Northeast regions of North America (spanning Canada and the U.S.), and are passed down in the various tribes of that area (i.e. Algonquin, Iroquois, Ojibwa, Oneida and others). It also spread to other tribes outside of this region. Naturally, the other tribes adapted the Turtle Island creation story to reflect their unique tribal contexts. So, if you see differences between stories, keep in mind not all tribes have similar creation stories. Rather, each Nation/tribe has its own unique story reflective of its cultural context. Again, while there are many stories, we chose only two for this particular website.


Please enjoy watching and visually listening while we demonstrate our signed narratives. Many thanks!!

Jeffrey Watts @2020


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